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8 Av. d'Espagne,
66120 Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via
06 85 73 57 77

Lot P11 (EN)

Surface :
:: Logement 62,87 m2 | Loi carrez : 62,13 m2
:: Cellier 3,87 m2
:: Local vélo 4,22 m2
:: Rangement ski 0,56 m2
Surface utile 75, 52 m2
:: Terrasse 4,98 m2
:: Balcon 4,37 m2
Surface totale 80,87 m2
Prix de vente en l'état 217 000 € Hors commission d'agence
soit 3493 €/ m2 / Loi carrez
Coût des travaux basé sur l'esquisse: (Frais d'architecte inclus)
(TVA appliquée pour une résidence secondaire soit 20 %)
Rénovation standard : 76 470 € | 1231€ /m² /loi carrez
Rénovation supérieure : 96 761 € | 1557€ /m² /loi carrez
Prix de revient travaux inclus :
Rénovation standard : 293 470 € | 4723€ /m² /loi carrez
Rénovation supérieure : 313 761 €| 5050€ /m² /loi carrez
Livraison prévue : Printemps 2024

The spirit of our project

Our aim in carrying out this project is to achieve several objectives :

  • To be surrounded by true professionals, whether architects or lawyers. The contact details of our notary will be sent to you on request, particularly for questions relating to the VEFR arrangement, a real guarantee for the buyer...
  • To build a luxury residence, with large plots that can be used to create the flat of your dreams.
  • We guarantee that the project will be sustainable over the long term, with no long-term costs. To achieve this, all external insulation will be redone or upgraded, as will the entire roof. Once the insulation has been upgraded to class C, you'll be able to sell your plots at class B, which is a real guarantee for the future and for resale.
  • To complete the picture, a solar roof will be installed, with a capacity of 44.8 kw, a serious option for lowering your electricity bills.
  • Balconies and large terraces will be created for all lots.
  • All the lots are through-planning to make the most of the sunshine.
  • Ski racks, a private cellar and a private bicycle garage enhance convenience.
  • If you're looking to rent out your property, the larger flats are the most popular with tourists and top sportsmen and women on long-term training courses (VAT option available).

This is a unique investment opportunity, with its exceptional location and prime position. You have the rare opportunity to design the flat of your dreams, with the support of the project architect if you wish.

Telephone : 06 85 73 57 77

Our architect :

Our architect, Philippe VERMEERSCH, from the firm COTANEGRE & VERMEERSCH, has been based in the Cerdagne since 1991.

He has a wealth of experience and a good knowledge of the local fabric, particularly as regards the Cerdagne businesses and craftsmen best able to meet your requirements./p>

Their local presence is our guarantee that the work will be carried out to the highest standards.

He is responsible for the sketches and indicative estimates proposed (work and fees). His role would be to support and advise you in drawing up your desired programme and to supervise the implementation of your fitting-out project by the contractors, making the most of the existing fittings and adapting them to the constraints of working in an existing building.

Telephone : 04 68 04 58 33

An exceptional situation